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Foot Goddess Leyla

 WE LOVE FOOT GODDESS LEYLA! Welcome to Goddess Leyla Fan Site. Finally a website dedicated to Beautiful and Divine “Goddess Leyla!!!” Why do we love Asian Goddess Leyla? She’s sultry and seductive. We love her smile, tease, innocent look, exquisite-elegant designer shoes, flirty outfits, shapely…strong…soft…silky…creamy smoothed thighs, legs and soft plush feet! Goddess Leyla is an highly experience elegant classy flirt! She’s very gifted. She slowly takes her time and knows just how to tease us into submission. We love her! Goddess Leyla is known to speak German and you may see her discreetly filming the streets of Germany along with other girl friends or Goddess Leyla and her friends may be filming privately. Goddess Leyla wears a size 41 EU in women shoes. That converts into a size 10 U.S./Canada.

Goddess Leyla may look sweet and docile but BEWARE sometimes, Foot Goddess Leyla and her friends can get really rough and dirty with their slave. Goddess Leyla is known to call the slave a “Wanker.” “She almost always wears leather shoes…mostly high heel shoes and boots and the scent of her feet is a nice mixture of leather and hot steamy foot sweat. She loves getting her feet licked especially the soles and deeply in between her crevice toes. She loves to humiliate her footbitch who is doing everything she demands.”

We love the look of Goddess Leyla professional clothing attire from: body dresses, flirty knee length pleated skirts, suit skirts with back slit, long silky hair, stylish glasses, curvy hips, SHOES, SOFT CREAMY BARE LEGS, WRINKLE SOLES and occasionally stockings. She dresses very well — casually and professionally. It’s rare to see that from an exhibitionist. We welcome the classy European look. She like a high fashion model with celebrity status. Goddess Leyla continually makes fabulous HD video clips for download at Clips4Sale.

What to expect on Goddess Leyla Fan Site? Goddess Leyla Fan Site is NOT an Hardcore Adult Website. contains images of female feet in everyday settings and situations from Goddess Leyla, Friends and Partners. Nowhere in this site are there depictions of Nudity or Sexually explicit conduct.

Although not an Hardcore Adult Website, will display soft risque adult teasing situations. We consider All Models, were 18 or Older at the time of photography. You’re at the right place if you want to see women flirting with their legs from Goddess Leyla, Friends and Partners. Click Goddess Leyla logo anytime to go back to the home page. Lounge back, relieve your stress, enjoy and cast your vote!

Webmaster, Bruce
:?: For video clip questions, e-mail:

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Goddess Leyla Nylons And Elegant HighHeels


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49 Responses to “About”

  1. shane UNITED KINGDOM says:

    Hi , i have a suggestion for video. could goddess leyla wear those yellow high heel mules and do the splits on top her slave — would be extremely sexy — and im sure you will get a lot of downloads! plspls

  2. Tomy TURKEY says:

    Hiii.. Your web site very nice…
    I want to see you are and other model sole to sole foot size coöpare and foot size measure video and photos..

    Thank you…I love you… :wink:

  3. JOe UNITED STATES says:

    what ethnicity is Goddess Leyla? Asian?

  4. ahmar UNITED STATES says:

    Hello dear leyla. I think you’r foot make for ballbusting. I ask please make bare foot ballbusting with close up and speak about it .

  5. Dan UNITED KINGDOM says:

    Dude, well done for finally putting a site up dedicated to Leyla. But i have to say, she is actually of German origin. That is the language she speaks in her videos. Also all the magazines she reads are written in german too.

  6. Deep INDIA says:

    awesome mistress……….. become my dream girl after saw your perfect foot leg and body physics!!!!!!!!
    want to see your beautiful perfect ass & a face sitting video also!!!! : :lol:

    • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

      Goddess Leyla wearing a shimmering mini skirt, perches on top her slave and then arches her back as she smothers her slave’s head between her sexy high heel sandals. See: Goddess Leyla Face sitting and Torture Gallery.

      • deep INDIA says:

        thanks dear………… have you any video over that…………
        she has only one slave??? she did any hardcore/or any much more …….. plz 8-O

        • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

          The video is called “Face Sitting and Torture.” Type in those keywords in the search box at I’ve only notice Goddess Leyla with one slave. To my knowledge, Goddess Leyla doesn’t have any hardcore material.

          • deep INDIA says:

            does she has any video/videos without glass/specs ???
            will she eager to do any pissing/ass licking video :-x

          • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

            I’ve never seen any images or videos of Goddess Leyla without her glass specs. Either her eyes or sensitive to light or she trying to conceal her eyes for privacy. I doubt if Goddess Leyla will do any pissing/ass licking hardcore videos. She most likely will show off her fancy shoes, boots, bare feet and flats and humiliate her slave.

  7. Tomy TURKEY says:

    Hii…Goddess Leyla ‘s foot measure? How long Leyla’s foot do know…Centimeter? :-?

    • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

      I don’t know of videos of Goddess Leyla directly lining her foot up against another friend.’s feet or any related future projects. Judging by the numeral measurement on Goddess Leyla’s shoes, she wears a size 41 UK in women shoes. That converts into a size 9 1/2 U.S./Canada.

  8. hamed UNITED STATES says:

    is she iranian??????????
    so I love her …
    عاشقشممممممممممممم :-P :)

    • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

      Goddess Leyla appears to be Asian. She could possibly be a descendant of Japan but she lives somewhere in Germany. She’s like mystery.

  9. Thebij says:

    Does she ever take off her sunglasses or is there a video or picture where she appears without them? That way we could finally know if she is actually asain or not. LOL!

    • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

      I’ve never seen any images or videos of Goddess Leyla w/o her sunglasses. She remains a mystery. I often wonder what color are her eyes. I would be shocked if her eyes are red. Her eyes could be sensitive to light other than that, I think she’s trying to obscure her identity a little bit. Perhaps locals would recognize and stalked her or say something obscene. Maybe she’ll removed them before or after she retire from role playing and modeling her shoes and boots. If you’re reading this Goddess Leyla; inquiring mines would like to know. Thanks. :-)

  10. Thebij says:

    Will you post full length videos on this site for free? 0:)

    • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

      I’ll probably post short sample videos in the future (not full length). I don’t want to get shut down by I.C.E. for copyright infringements. You can go to any search engine to find full length videos. Just type in the keywords: Goddess Leyla.

  11. Hakan NETHERLANDS says:


    how can i make an appointment with goddes leyla??

    • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

      Goddess Leyla doesn’t have a feed back link on her video sales site. I don’t think she’s accepting appointments. :-(

  12. LI says:

    She has a facebook or twitter?

    • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

      After I did a Google search, I’ve seen Goddess Leyla’s Facebook and Twitter pages. I’m not sure if those pages are officially run by her or a dedicated fan. If Goddess Leyla has an official social media page, the language will probably be in German. In most of her videos, she’s speaking in German with English subtitles. If you don’t have Google in your country, just type in keywords: “Goddess Leyla Twitter” or “Goddess Leyla Facebook” in your alternative search engine.

  13. claudio GERMANY says:

    Verehrte Göttin Leyla,
    ich bin ein sehr devoter mann aus Hannover und würde Sie sehr gerne kennenlernen. Ich hoffe das dies möglich ist.
    demütigst claudio

    Translated as:
    Dear Goddess Leyla,
    I am a very devout man in Hannover and would you really like to know. I hope that this is possible.
    humbly claudio

  14. Leylas slave says:

    ı thınk you need to let your slave cum

  15. yann says:

    Goddes Leyla is very very beautiful, I would give anything just to be at her feet few seconds

  16. mehran says:

    hi i very enjoyed mistress leyla video… how can to contact to mistress leyla for set a season for 2h.. please help me i will pay money Whatever you say.. its not problam please help me

  17. Joe UNITED STATES says:

    Is this Goddess Leyla without her sunglasses? It looks like her feet.

    • Webmaster UNITED STATES says:

      Nice video and sailor suit skirt with pantie shots! :smile: I don’t think that’s Goddess Leyla. Goddess Leyla speaks German and her feet are highly arched. The background and footwear doesn’t seem relevant to her past videos.

  18. jack says:

    please make cfnm bare feet Ballbusting
    like past

  19. rob90 says:

    im a long time follower, and even more fan of Lady Patricia
    does anyone know the height of any of them? has it been published or rumored?

  20. feetlicker GREECE says:

    Why Leyla slave never cum or masturbating when she teases him with high heels and feet? No clips with cum under shoes or feet Why?

    More clips please with Back Home scenario from party and slave lick Leyla shoes and …cum please

  21. Wang wei says:

    Layla: hello: I for your chi, crazy, for you eagerly want to get your reply! thank you

  22. marty says:

    She is a real goddess. Is it possible to contact and get a real session with her to worship her feet??

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